Doesn't YouTube already let you do this?


But I heard they're beta testing A/B testing thumbnails?

YouTube's "Studio" has been in beta testing for what I believe is over 3 years. So, sure they have said they're tooling with it for a small group of pilot customers. But are you going to get access to it anytime soon?

Besides, once they release it, there are some other neat features I'm planning to add to it with FilmHope.

Aren't there other YouTube split testing tools?

There's only one I know of, but I can't make any sense of it. They run a test of a single thumbnail for an entire day. Then switch the next day. But, do you know when you get most of your traffic that matters to this click rate stuff? The first day.

FilmHope uses its own secret algorithm to run your test throughout the day and alter it intelligently as your traffic changes, while still providing you with a statistically relevant result.

I heard when you switch your title the SEO algorithm starts all over.

The SEOability of your video is something that will kick in weeks or months from now. It's unlikely YouTube is going to bless your video with a front page listing in the first day. So running some traffic optimization over the first day doesn't seem likely to matter much to the long term value of your SEO strategy.

Besides, and advanced move (and feature coming soon) is to have one click optimized title for the first couple weeks, and then switch it to a more SEO friendly title.

Does this work?

It's worked for us. Since using it, our CTR (Click Through Rate) on videos went up 20% and we still suck at making good titles and thumbnails.

How much is this?

For now it's $9.99 a month.

Will it get cheaper?

No. It will only go up.

Can I get a refund if it doesn't work?

Sure. We'll refund the previous month's charge. Just email

Who runs this?


a joint from ninjas and robots